It all started when the idea of argan oil natural skin care products sparkled in my mind. I am a registered nurse with master's degree in nursing education. In the Fall semester of 2014, while I was working on a research paper regarding the effects of Moroccan culture on Moroccan health care seeking behavior with a group of graduate nursing students, I came across a dazzling piece of information about Morocco:

Indigenous to the southwest of Morocco, the argan tree produces an oil which has been used for centuries by Berber women as a natural age-defying oil. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, it has anti-oxidant properties and reduces skin aging.

Intrigued by the above statement, I went to the literature to find out if I could find any scientific evidence and/or research for backing up the statement. To my surprise, there were a plethora of evidence and research in literature supporting the fact that argan oil is a moisturizing, anti-aging, anti-acne, anti-sebum, wound healer natural cosmetic oil.

Boucetta, et. al. (2013) conducted a study to evaluate the effect of daily application of cosmetic argan oil on skin hydration in postmenopausal women. Thirty healthy postmenopausal women were asked to apply every night 10 drops of cosmetic argan oil on their skin, and were forbidden to use any other skin care or cosmetic products throughout the study. The finding of this study showed that daily application of argan oil significantly improved the skin hydration by restoring the barrier function and maintaining the water-holding capacity.

When I shared my idea and vision with my husband ,he was very supportive and promised to help me in this journey. And that is how we started Arganista Cosmetics.